Mind over matter is for real when it comes to getting rid of back pain

New research published in Current Biology, a medical journal, shows that challenging yourself mentally may be a much more effective way to fight against back pain than many of the most potent and powerful over-the-counter pain pills when they aren’t able to handle the “heavy lifting” all on their own.

The research study conducted by the experts behind Current Biology had 200 men dealing with chronic back pain try to use over-the-counter drugs to manage and mitigate that pain, and when they weren’t able to notice any real results the researchers then asked the same that to complete challenging memory tasks or word puzzles.

Believe it or not, the men that moved through the word puzzle program and the memory task challenges reported significantly glass back pain after challenging themselves mentally – in this is the first test to prove that “mind over matter” is the real deal when it comes to telling your body how to feel.

Brain scans backup the “mind over matter” approach

We have all heard anecdotal stories about people that have “thought themselves sick” and those that have cured themselves of seemingly incurable diseases just by believing it was possible.

On top of that, it is an accepted medical fact that placebo drugs can be just as impactful as prescription grade painkillers when the patient isn’t aware of the placebo but has instead been convinced that the pills they are taking are even more potent than painkillers themselves.

But the new research that we mentioned above went even further to link the mind and body connection by hooking those same 200 men dealing with chronic back pain to MRI scans as they had them move through the experiments.

The researchers were able to monitor brain activity as well as the release of endorphins (effective painkilling hormones naturally produced by the body that also triggered joy and happiness), and they notice that all of this activity was up across the board compared to when people were utilizing over-the-counter pain pills like Advil all on their own.  Of course, when mind over matter fails and the pain gets really bad, you will need to take prescription painkillers. Many of these are derived from codeine and they mimic the natural endorphins and so change the body’s response to pain by tricking the brain. Codeine phosphate is also combined with paracetamol in a ratio of 30mg of codeine to 500mg paracetamol. This preparation is called cocodamol 30/500 in the UK and is known as Paracetamol Comp in the EU. You can buy this online here.

Though there is still certainly something to be said about the positive benefits that over-the-counter pain pills can offer (and the very real and tangible results prescription grade painkillers are capable of), it’s interesting to seas at one of the best ways to alleviate significant back pain may simply be challenging your mind and putting the chronic pain out of your thoughts at least temporarily.

Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know About

If you are serious about always looking your best there are things that you should be doing on a regular basis. Don’t wait until you have a date or there is a special occasion before making these tips part of your regular routine. You never know when you might run into the girl of your dreams, why not be ready just in case.

  • Get your hair cut every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how fast it grows. Make sure you have a barber that you really like and who does exactly what you want him to do. Find a style that works for you and stick with it. If people always tell you how good your hair looks there is no reason to look for a different style.
  • Make sure you know your hair products. Nice hair is way more than just good shampoo and a quick styling spray to keep it in place. You need a conditioner, stay-in or regular, to keep your hair from looking like straw in the summer and standing on end in the winter. A good styling gel will help direct your hair exactly where you want it.
  • It’s perfectly find to use a special cleanser for your face along with a toner and a moisturizer. Men’s skin tends to age less quickly than women’s because they exfoliate every day when they shave. There are many national skin care companies who make a full line of products especially for men. Try one out and find the right combination of products that is right for you.
  • Choose between a couple of your favorite colognes. You should narrow it down to one for work, one to use when dating, and a couple of others for your regular everyday life. Most women love it when a man smells great and it certainly helps to add to the mood when it comes time to get things moving towards a sexual relationship.
  • Take care of the hair. This means the hair on your face – shave it if you prefer to be clean shaven, or trim it if you have chosen to wear a beard and a mustache. Check your ears and nasal passages for any wayward stray hairs so you aren’t embarrassed.
  • Keep your feet in good shape; keep them clean and your toenails clipped at all times. Put on a foot cream at night and put on a pair of socks. You will have smooth feet in the morning and you will be able to slide right into those flip flops.
  • Go to the Dentist regularly. There is nothing that ruins it for a woman than seeing a good looking guy and then he smiles and you cringe. Start now to get your teeth cleaned and then work with the dentist so you can get all of your dental repairs done within about 6 months. You will feel so better once you know your teeth are all up-to-date and actually look as good as they feel.
  • Make sure you use sunscreen if you go out in the sun on a regular basis. Melanoma,or skin cancer, is only second to prostate cancer in men. If you need to look tan go to a salon and either try out the tanning beds or get a quick spray tan. They also sell self-tanning sprays you could try out.
  • Make sure your nails are clean and trimmed at all times. Men can go to a spa and get a manicure. It is always better to see a man’s hands that has had a manicure rather than dirty grimy hands with an assortment of lengths for the nails themselves.
  • Keep your clothes hung in your closet according to colors so you are able to pick up things to wear to work every day. Make sure you have the few specialty items handy so you don’t have to search for them at the last minute before you go out to a special event.

Make sure you are always prepared for just about any event by looking smart. And by the way, it might be a good idea to carry a small blue pill called viagra in you pocket just in case. Try some of the tips listed above and you’ll be ready for anything and you get lots more info here. They say you only get one chance to make a good first impression. A healthy sex life is an important part of general health and your success with women could have a lot to do with how well you are groomed.

How to Improve Your General Health

If you’re searching for ways to improve your general health, you should know that there are many simple lifestyle adjustments which will provide benefits. When you make the decision to get healthier, you’ll need to be patient with the process. Some lifestyle adjustments, such as exercise, should provide immediate benefits, including better mood and better circulation.

Naturally, the benefits of exercise just keep coming, so it’s definitely one of the most important ways to feel great and improve health. Enhanced blood flow from exercise promotes healing. It also helps organs to function at their best. Without regular exercise, the body just won’t run like a well-oiled machine.

general health 1

Other lifestyle changes, such as adopting a cleaner diet which is free of harmful additives, (“trans” fats are just one example), may take a little longer to show results. In general, when you try to adopt a better lifestyle, you’ll definitely look and feel better. However, it may take a few weeks before you notice a big change. In several weeks, you should feel much better.

When you clean up your diet, and include lots of pure water also, you’ll help to nourish your body and flush out impurities. We tend to eat more processed foods than we should. By getting rid of the white flour, white sugar and bad fats, you’ll go a long way towards improving your health. Also, avoiding too much salt is wise, as high sodium levels make us retain water and may also elevate our blood sugar.

general health 2

Talk to Your Doctor

Sometimes, medication is needed in order to improve general health. Keeping a close relationship with your doctor is therefore recommended. Some people wait too long before seeing physicians about aches, pains and other adverse symptoms. They tough it out, in the hopes that symptoms will ease on their own!

If you’re prone to this, consider changing things. See a doctor as soon as you feel unwell. Getting proactive may be the key to accessing medications which help you to feel healthier, day in and day out.

While some medications do trigger side effects, many are extremely beneficial, despite the risks. If you’re out of the habit of getting a doctor’s advice and sharing concerns about your general health, we really recommend visiting the doctor. It’s possible that you’re experiencing symptoms which may be easily alleviated with prescription meds, or even over the counter (OTC) meds. Also, doctors may schedule treatments which help patients to feel healthier.

The Benefits of Using Herbal Remedies

In today’s society, more people are looking into ways that they can become healthier by relying on natural remedies to cure ailments and to improve their immune system. Depending on the type of illness or medical condition you are dealing with, herbal remedies may be your best option. If not, they can be a great addition to your existing treatment plan. Whether you’re dealing with a cold or if you have been noticing acne scarring, herbal remedies can be quite useful and inexpensive.

The Idea of Natural Health

One of the largest advantages to herbal remedies is the fact that they are made out of pure and organic ingredients. It is important that you read through the ingredients label on store bought products to ensure that they are truly organic. If not, you can always make your own concoctions at home. You won’t have to worry about putting artificial fillers and synthetic formulas into your system that may make your body act adversely.

Limited Allergic Reactions

herbal 1

When you start taking over the counter medication, it can be difficult to determine whether you’re allergic to a particular ingredient until it’s too late. With herbal remedies you are aware of the ingredients in the formula and you can easily tell if it’s something that will negatively affect your health. For example, rosehip seed oil is great for scarring, but if you are allergic to roses, it wouldn’t be a formula you’d want to use.

No Side Effects

Depending on your body type, there is a very low chance that you will ever have to deal with side effects when you are taking herbal medicines. You will first want to talk to your doctor before consuming any type of medication, natural or not, to make sure that it is safe for your condition. There is a significantly lower chance that you will have to deal with nausea, dizziness, vomiting, internal bleeding, and the other harmful side effects found in traditional medications.

Affordable and Easy to Use

Since all of the ingredients can be cultivated from the earth, natural medicines are going to be substantially less expensive than both over the counter and prescribed medications. They do not need to be created in labs or sold from major retailers in your area. You might even find that using ingredients that you’d buy from your local grocery store can make the majority of remedies. This can be quite useful for people who are looking to cure minor ailments on a budget.

Which Supplements Boost Our General Health?

Everyone is different, so results from using supplements with a mind to boosting general health will vary. However, that being said, plenty of people definitely believe in the power of supplements and they feel healthier when they take them.

Supplements are typically made from natural plant extracts and they don’t tend to trigger a lot of unwanted side effects. They may be utilized in order to benefit specific parts of the body or body systems. For example, one person might take Ginkgo Biloba in order to battle deteriorating memory, while another might take St. John’s Wort in order to combat depression.

How to Get Started

supplements 1

General health has many facets. In terms of boosting overall health, consider taking a typical multi-vitamin each day. Then, think about specific health issues which concern you and try to treat them with the right supplements.

There is a supplement for everyone. For example, if you suffer from arthritis and want to try a supplement, rather than relying on medication, you may wish to give Boswellia Serrate a try. It’s also known as Indian Frankincense and it is known for having potent anti-inflammatory properties. As well, it may relieve pain. This is a great supplement choice for osteoarthritis.

If you suffer from heart health worries, you may want to consider adding a fiber supplement to your diet. This will typically be derived from grain and it will help you to stay regular and keep your colon in peak condition. This regularity and cleaner colon may positively impact heart health.

supplements 2

Some supplements are derived from plant extracts. Others come from food. Another food-based supplement which is very beneficial to heart health is fish oil, which typically contains essential fatty acids. If you’ve never tried a fish oil supplement, you’ll find that it promotes good health. Fatty acids actually help our bodies in many ways. They deter arteries from clogging, help with mental acuity, et cetera.

If you want to feel better emotionally, we do recommend St. John’s Wort. It’s easy to find, it tends to relieve symptoms of depression and it’s very affordable. The truth is that every supplement on our list is reasonably-priced.

While it’s possible to get fiber and fatty acids from food, some people prefer to take supplements and you may, too. In terms of plant extracts, supplements are definitely the most practical way to get their benefits.

Find Some Good Supplements Today

Now that you know some good supplements to try, you’ll be ready to boost your general health with these wonderful formulas.

Kicking back pain to the curb once and for all

Believe it or not, it’s a lot easier to banish back pain from your life forever – you just have to know the right system to go about doing exactly that.

Close to 80% of adults all over the world (according to research published by the North American Spine Society) are going to have to fight with back pain at some point in time, and the same research group reports that one in six Americans are living with chronic back pain every single day of their life.

Better understanding how to destroy the root causes of back pain at the core and then prevent back pain from ruining your life in the future is of the utmost importance.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick bit of inside information!

back pain 1

Get a proper diagnosis from your doctor

The absolute worst thing you could ever do is to try and self-diagnose any of the back pain issues that you were dealing with in the first place.

Too many people simply think that they are going to be able to know what’s going on in their body just because they’ve had it in their entire lives, but when you’re talking about something as complex as the spine – and how your central nervous system runs right through it – you can’t afford any guesswork.

We’re talking about a pretty tricky system here, and the wrong diagnosis is not only going to set you back and force you to contend with a lot more pain than necessary, it’s also going to put you at much greater risk to the when your back even further.

Try all-natural solutions before you go under the knife or grab a pain pill

back pain 2

The majority of folks that are dealing with back pain are going to be able to wash much of it away not by resting their backs as much as possible, but instead by increasing their back and core strength and really working it out.

Obviously, you want to move through this physical therapy training session slowly, steadily, and intelligently – never risking back injury but really working to strengthen your muscles at the same time – but resting your back is going to put you in big trouble.

An acupuncturist, a chiropractor, and even a yoga instructor should be your first visits after speaking with a doctor to see if you’re going to be able to all naturally resolve your problems.

If that all natural stuff doesn’t work, it may be time to go under the knife or take advantage of everything that prescription pain bills have to offer until you’re able to resolve these long-standing issues.

Just know that there’s no reason to live with back pain forever any longer. There are numerous solutions out there for you to take advantage of that let you banish this pain from your life once and for all.

Types Of Pain Management Clinics

While it is true that there is no definitive, singular cure for chronic pain, it is important to remember that you have a number of options that can be considered. Discussing these options with your healthcare provider will point you towards possibilities that can prove to significantly reduce the symptoms associated with your particular example of chronic pain.

OTC medications and prescription drugs are two possibilities that you are going to consider. These things can certainly help to make chronic pain management within the grasp of the individual. However, there are a number of potential treatments and ideas that can be explored. The important thing to remember is that you want to find a healthcare provider who is going to take your chronic pain seriously. In fact, what you ultimately want is someone who is going to take your pain so seriously, they will work with you to develop strategies for management that are designed with your needs in mind.

clinics 1

They may also suggest some form of treatment at a pain management clinic. In terms of pain clinics, there are a number of things that are worth keeping in mind. There are also three types of pain clinics that you are going to want to be aware of.

Exploring The Types Of Pain Clinics

The main two goals of pain clinics are to reduce the physical symptoms, while also reducing the emotional stresses and physical impairments that can follow chronic pain. You can also consider these goals to be the larger goals of chronic pain management, as well.

clinics 2

Regardless of the type of pain clinic you choose, it is worth keeping in mind that the goals remain the same. The overall hope of a clinic is to make it possible for each patient to live comfortably, work to the best of their ability, and take part in their day to day lives as they see fit.

The first type of pain clinic are the ones that are focused on surgical options or interventional procedures. This can include surgery, some sort of injection, a nerve-burning procedure, or anything else along similar lines. The second type of pain clinic are the ones that work with long-term med management. This can include prescription pain medications. The third and final type of pain clinic are the ones that work with the goal of ongoing, meaningful chronic pain rehab. It is possible in some cases to move from one type of clinic to a different type of clinic.